Sentry Guarding Accessories

The Sentry Guarding System has accessories to complete the guarding solution.

From, Mesh clamp bracket, Bolt sign bracket, Rivet sign bracket and Condition monitoring guard.


Condition Monitoring Guard Insert

Part No: SGS_CMG_001

The Sentry Condition Monitoring Guard Insert provides a safer way for workers to do their periodic inspection by providing a physical barrier between the human hand and machinery.  A Guard End Cover is also provided for side access monitoring points.


The Sentry Monitoring Guard Insert set includes 1x CMGI (25x25x3 mesh), 4x Mesh Clamp Brackets and 1x Guard End Cover.


Mesh Clamp Bracket

Part No: SGS_MCB_001

The Mesh Clamp Bracket is your safe, fast and cost effective solution to close off openings in mesh panel.  The Mesh Clamp Bracket clamps infill sections or extensions to the guarding panel avoiding hot works and reduces fabrication and installation time.


Signage Bracket

Whether you are providing signage restricting access, alerting to hazards, providing directions, or fixing anything to a guarding panel, Sign Brackets are designed to simply and securely clip your sign/s directly onto the mesh.


Rivet Sign Bracket

Part No: SGS_RSB_001

Bolt Sign Bracket

Part No: SGS_BSB_001

The Rivet Sign Bracket offers a fast and permanent fixture suitable for fixed guarding and areas with minimal or no vibration.

The Bolt Sign Bracket is suitable for removable guarding and high vibration areas. The Bolt Sign Bracket can be orientated both vertically and horizontally.